北海道出身。シンガー、ソングライター、プロデューサー、トランペットやシンセを扱うマルチ奏者であり、東京で活動するバンド TAMTAM のメンバー。

2019 年 9 月発売の 1st アルバム『Just Saying Hi』より本格的にソロでの活動を開始。

アルバムリード曲『PORTLAND Prod. EVISBEATS』は J-Wave Tokio Hot 100 で 8 位となる。



Kuro, known as the vocalist & composer of japanese band TAMTAM, is a Japanese singer, trumpetter, songwriter, and record producer.

She was born in Hokkaido (the island in northside of japan) and based in Tokyo now.

"Just Saying Hi" (released in the autumn of 2019) became her 1st solo debut album.

Starting with the song "PORTLAND Prod. EVISBEATS" which peaked at No.8 at J-Wave Tokio Hot 100, she had co-written songs with various producers/musicians.

The latest single is "Ayakashi", produced by her own.

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