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北海道出身。東京を拠点に活動するバンド「TAMTAM」のボーカル兼作詞作曲家であり、シンセサイザーやトランペットも扱うマルチ奏者。1stフルアルバム「Just Saying Hi」(2019)のリリースを機にソロ活動を本格化。自らの声と言葉を起点とした自由な発想のセルフトラックに加え、ヒップホップ|ジャズ|エクスペリメンタルなど多様なシーンのアーティストと共作を通じ新たな音楽性を展開する。最新作EP「翡翠」(2022)は2023年5月にアナログLP盤をリリース。

Music Producer / Singer. Born in Hokkaido, Japan. She is the vocalist and songwriter for the Tokyo-based band TAMTAM, and is a multi-instrumentalist who also handles synthesizer and trumpet. After the release of the first album "Just Saying Hi" (2019), she started her solo career. In addition to her own track-making, which begins with her voice and words, she has expanded her musicality by collaborating with artists from various music scenes in Japan, including Hiphop, Jazz, and Ambient. Her latest EP, “Hisui” (2022), was released on analog vinyl in May 2023.

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